Climate Change Adaptation Policy Statement

As required by the Federal Agency Climate Change Adaptation Planning Implementing Instructions, we are releasing a statement that commits our agency to addressing the impacts climate change may have on our operations and assets through adaptation planning.

Social Security Administration Adaptation to Climate Change Policy Statement

Social Security Administration Adaptation to Climate Change Policy Plan NEW

For comments regarding the Agency Climate Change Adaptation Plan, please e-mail the following link: Agency Climate Change Comments and Review


Biobased Purchasing Strategy NEW

Executive Fleet

As required by the Presidential Memorandum on Federal Fleet Performance dated May 24, 2011 and GSA Bulletin FMR B-32, provided below is a list of Social Security Administration executive fleet vehicles.

2012 Fleet Management Plan NEW

2013 SSA Executive Fleet

2012 SSA Executive Fleet

2011 SSA Executive Fleet

SSA Optimal Fleet Inventory Plan

Current Agency Scorecard

January 2013 OMB Scorecard on Sustainability and Energy

Social Security is proud to present our Office of Management and Budget Scorecard on Sustainability and Energy.

We have a responsibility to the public to conduct business in an efficient, economical, and environmentally sound manner. In 2012, we demonstrated our commitment to this responsibility by achieving a green score in 100% of the categories on our Sustainability and Energy Scorecard. This success was possible because of our long tradition of continually improving the sustainability of our operations: we recycle; purchase environmentally friendly products; use energy efficient lighting, electronics, and appliances; and power our vehicles with alternative fuels. We also build and renovate our facilities in accordance with environmentally sustainable strategies. Using green solutions in our daily operations is a sound environmental stewardship strategy that we will continue to embrace. We will also continue to lead by example in advancing these energy and environmental practices.