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Social Security serves as one of the leading federal agencies in health IT.

We request close to 15 million medical records from almost 500,000 providers to make decisions on about three million disability claims annually. This makes us one of the largest disability programs in the world.

Since 2008, Social Security is leading an initiative to enable the electronic exchange of health information to improve the disability determination process.

The goal of this is to reduce the burden on health care providers and offer applicants faster and more consistent disability decisions.

Our team has experience in health records exchange. We actively attend leading conferences and knowledge exchange events on health IT. In addition, we continually evaluate our processes to adapt to changes in the field.

Last year, we more than doubled our number of health IT partners. We hope to continue this momentum. If your organization is ready to use electronic health records to improve service to your patients, we’re here to help. Contact us.

States with Health IT Partners

US State Map

Current States with Health IT Partners (Production Date)
In Green on the Map

  • California (5/2011)
  • Colorado (8/2013)
  • Connecticut (3/2014)
  • District of Columbia (5/2013)
  • Georgia (3/2013)
  • Hawaii (12/2012)
  • Idaho (8/2011)
  • Indiana (5/2012)
  • Massachusetts (8/2008)
  • Maryland (5/2013)
  • Michigan (5/2012)
  • Minnesota (9/2011)
  • New Mexico (3/2012)
  • New York (2/2014)
  • North Carolina (11/2012)
  • Ohio (11/2011)
  • Oregon (5/2011)
  • Pennsylvania (9/2012)
  • South Carolina (11/2013)
  • Texas (6/2011)
  • Virginia (2/2009)
  • Washington (5/2011)
  • Wisconsin (8/2011)

Pending States with Health IT Partners
In Blue on the Map

  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota

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