Refreshed Plan Milestones and Completion Dates: 2012-2014

On April 9, 2012, we launched our refreshed Open Government Plan 2.0. We made several commitments in our plan, and will share our progress with you regularly. Below is our report on milestones.

Goals I-IV: Transparency, Participation, Collaboration, Internalizing Open Government

Milestone Projected Completion Date Status

Issue refreshed Open Government Plan and share it with public and employees

April 2012

Completed. We posted our Open Government Plan 2.0 on our Open Government portal and shared with employees on April 9, 2012. On September 4, 2012, we published a revision to include updated information.

Post new high-value datasets/information holdings to in 2012, 2013, and 2014

December 2014


Test prototype for new public-facing FOIA website

4th quarter FY 2012

Completed.  On 2/11/13, SSA completed testing and review of a new public-facing FOIA website. This site was launched to the public on 2/13/13.

Further enhance our FOIA website and reading room

2nd Quarter FY 2013

Completed. On 2/13/13 SSA launched an enhanced FOIA website and published 10 documents to the “proactive disclosures” section of our enhanced FOIA reading room. The reading room is being retitled as the FOIA Library.

Explore potential electronic FOIA management solutions with other Federal agencies.

3rd Quarter FY 2013

We are monitoring the development of another agency system that could present a Federal partnership opportunity, if it meets our FOIA system support needs.

Launch crowd-sourcing tool, IdeaBench, to collect ideas for enhancements to the eBB tool developed for the hearings offices.

End of CY 2012

  • Completed. IdeaBench was launched in September 2012

Hold public engagements to solicit ideas from the public


  • June 2013 – engagement with disability partners to solicit ideas on evaluating the disability determination process
  • April 2013 - engagement with public and employees to solicit ideas for the Agency’s Strategic Plan
  • July 2012 – engagement with advocates on improving notices using UserVoice
  • July 2012 – engagement with public and employees to solicit ideas for the agency’s Service Delivery Plan

Collect ideas from the public on improving the open government portal

by end of CY2014


Hold engagements with advocates regarding agency’s services and programs

Twice yearly

  • September 2013 – Asian American/Pacific Islander Advocate Meeting
  • July 2013 – American Indian/Alaska Native Listening Session
  • June 2013 – National Advocates Conference Call
  • May 2013 – Electronic Services Advocates Meeting
  • May 2013 – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Advocates Meeting
  • April 2013 - engagement with advocates to collect feedback on increasing outreach on and usage of SSA eServices
  • February 2013 – Homeless Advocates Meeting
  • June 2012 – Open Government Advocate Meeting, Washington, DC
  • October 2011 – Open Government Advocate Meeting, Washington, DC

Test engagement for disability program policy development with public (includes evaluation of type of responses, impact on resources, feasibility of continuing, etc.)

by end of CY 2013

Complete. We hosted a successful engagement in June 2013 using IdeaScale to solicit ideas on evaluating the disability determination process.

Hold additional engagements on potential areas for regulations changes

FY 2014 and ongoing

We plan to hold several engagements to solicit additional ideas on evaluating the disability determination process, starting September 2013 and continuing throughout FY 2014.

Continue to host webinars on topics of value to public


Continue to provide information on means to provide feedback


  • Federal Register Notice sent March 2013 seeking input for Service Delivery Plan
  • Federal Register Notice and “Dear Colleague” advocate letters sent July 2012 seeking input for Service Delivery Plan
  • Internal memo distributed July 2012 to employees seeking input for Service Delivery Plan
  • Opportunities to provide feedback are updated on our Participation Opportunities page

Continue to provide the public with the opportunity to comment on our proposed regulations


Pilot cloud-based collaboration platform

End of CY 2013

  • Pre-pilot meetings are underway to test an internal collaboration platform. Pilot for cloud-based based collaboration platform, SSA Engage, began in August 2012 for approximately 500 employees. We completed a four-month pilot and will use the experience gained to explore enterprise social media in the future.

Give open government honor awards for employees to recognize achievements in advancing open government principles

Annually – once each in FY 2013 & FY 2014

  • First awards given on June 14, 2012
  • Awards given on September 19, 2013, including an inter-agency team.

We will post our open government goals and our performance against the goals on our website


  • We report open government goals and performance in this chart

Review our Agency Performance Plan (APP) to incorporate open government principles and activities

Once Annually

  • Review completed June 2012
  • Review completed August 2013

Flagship and Major Initiatives

Milestone Projected Completion Date Status

Flagship: Enhanced Services for People Receiving Benefits

Roll-out new, more secure user ID/password protocol end of CY 2012 Completed. We implemented “my Social Security” on the agency’s website on May 1, 2012. We provided secure access to the Online Statement on May 1, 2012.
Include additional services behind the new user ID/password protocol ongoing

We implemented new services on January 5, 2013 that allow beneficiaries to check their benefits, obtain a benefit verification letter and change their address or direct deposit information. We plan to put additional services behind the new user ID/password protocol in the future. Expected completion date has been changed to Ongoing as we continue to research additional services to add. We will update the status as new services are available behind the new protocol.
Explore new survey tools and approaches to more timely, detailed customer feedback

FY 2013 and ongoing

We have implemented an ACSI survey geared toward smartphone users on our mobile Supplemental Security Income (SSI) wage reporting application that is currently in pilot mode, with national rollout planned for later in FY 2013. This represents our first mobile transactional application and our first mobile platform ACSI survey. During the pilot, which ran from December 2012 through July 2013, more than 13,000 wage reports were submitted and the ACSI score was 89. National rollout began in August 2013, and included a systems change to remove the access code restriction based upon feedback from the ACSI surveys. Through the end of August 2013, more than 15,000 wage reports have been submitted, and the ACSI score has increased to 90.
Establish and use customer service standards to enhance online services

FY 2013 and ongoing

Our quarterly American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score average will remain above the level considered as a "top performer" (80) by ACSI.
Continue to use customer service metrics for all of our service channels

Ongoing We routinely review and report our ACSI eService Customer Satisfaction scores to management and analyze customer feedback from the ACSI surveys to identify and help prioritize changes. We conduct annual surveys to measure customer satisfaction with each of our major service delivery channels: in-person service in our field and hearing offices and at Social Security Card Centers; telephone service on our national 800 number and in field offices; and online transactional services on our website, including initial claims, appeals and postentitlement services. We update the Social Security Administration Data on Overall Customer Satisfaction on with our survey results each year.
Begin testing streamlined and ecure access to our online services

FY 2013 and ongoing

Completed.  We expanded “my Social Security” in the second quarter of FY 2013  as described above
Collect customer feedback to measure customer satisfaction and identify opportunities for improvement Ongoing We are conducting a survey of customers who were unable to establish an online account to determine their level of satisfaction with service they sought via the in-person and telephone channels. We will use feedback to improve our internal Registration and Customer Support functionality. We expect preliminary results by the end of the fiscal year.

Health IT Initiative

Expand exchange of medical records through health IT to various medical networks and providers in 13 states End of FY 2012

Completed in August 2012.  Increased the exchange of medical records through the use of health Information Technology (IT) ( to 14 States.

Continue outreach effort to onboard an additional 2-3 medical providers and connect with VA and DoD on the Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) End of FY 2013 This effort is now known as eHealth Exchange. Efforts are ongoing to capture, prioritize, and implement requirements (technical and policy) for this exchange. In FY 2013, we expanded exchange with four additional partner organizations, bringing the total exchanges to 20 providers in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

Virtual Life Electronic Record Wounded Warrior Collaboration

Nationwide expansion of DoD/SSA Interim Health Data Sharing Initiative End of CY 2012

Completed. Nationwide expansion began in April 2012, and was completed in August 2012.
Pilot health IT exchange with other Federal agencies using NwHIN December 2012 In progress: Revised completion date is December 2014. We continue our ongoing efforts with DoD and VA to determine how to extract and package clinical data SSA needs and to validate patient authorizations electronically. We expect to continue and complete this activity by the end of CY 2014.
Available for claimants filing online April 2012 Completed in April 2012
Available for claimants who file an online disability appeal August 2012

Completed August 11, 2012. Expanded eAuthorization (form SSA-827) to first-party appeals filed online. Allows adults filing an Internet Disability Report - Appeal  (i3341) on their own behalf to electronically sign and submit the SSA-827. Effective December 2012, adult claimants can use our attestation process to sign and submit form SSA-827 during in-office or telephone interviews.

Explore alternative for third party filers FY 2013 The telephone and in-person attestation process is available when a third party completes an online application or appeal forms.
Developing a business process for childhood claims FY 2013
  • Business process sessions began in January 2013.
  • Beginning August 2013, the attestation process used for adult telephone and in person claims is also available for some disability claims filed for children. Children filing a claim on their own behalf, or individuals with legal authority to act on behalf of a child claimant can use our attestation process to sign and submit the SSA-827 when filing by telephone or in person.