Public Affairs Specialists

Public affairs specialists are available to educate the public, community organizations, and media contacts about Social Security programs and benefits. They make presentations and speeches about a variety of Social Security issues.


NAME and Contact Information AREA
Honolulu, HI Office
855-601-2478 ext. 31348
fax 808-541-3534

Hawaii; Guam; American Samoa; and the Northern Mariana Islands
Las Vegas, NV Office
fax 702-248-8732

Nevada and Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial Counties
Westwood, CA Office
866-964-1774 ext. 10402
fax 310-235-7978

Parts of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties
East San Jose, CA Office
866-592-0804 EXT. 17438
fax 408-291-4259

San Francisco South Bay Area (Redwood City to Fremont)
Cal Central Area Office
866-593-5676 ext. 25355
fax 559-487-5237

Central California

Pomona Valley, CA Office


fax 909-622-5990

Los Angeles County
Bay Area Office
fax 510-637-4027

San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County
Northern Area Office
866-656-5837 ext. 11904

Sacramento/Northern California Area

Southwest Area Office
Southwest Area Office
866-331-4359 ext. 12874
fax 602-379-3004


South Coast Area Office
South Coast Area Office
fax 760-930-8079

Orange County
Mesa, AZ Office
866-964-7281 ext. 14050
fax 480-649-2569

American Indian Outreach for the entire region
San Diego, CA Office
855-820-0100 ext. 24007
fax 619-557-5740

San Diego County